“On the Go” Newsletter – Easter Week

This issue of Sherman Lee Dillon’s email newsletter was originally sent on March 30, 2016. Any performance dates mentioned in this message have already happened.

Easter Week, 2016

Easter is my favorite holiday.

We spend months hiding away in dark winter caves and now it’s safe to come out into the light. Easter is humanity’s annual reminder that a simple man armed with the power of love and truth was able to overcome the power of the dark side.

My wife and I drove from Cary (Raleigh), NC to Jackson, MS (800 miles) to spend a week with my Mississippi children. While in MS, I plan to work on my ’67 Chevy step-side pick-up, check in on new developments at Frank Jones Corner, and knock out a few gigs. Thursday (March 31, 2016), I’ve got a 5:30 gig at The Iron Horse Grill in Jackson; Friday (April 1, 2016), I’m doing the 9th Annual Zoo Brews at the Jackson Zoo at 4:00; then Midnite Friday & Saturday (April 1-2, 2016), I’ll be at Frank Jones Corner.

The Iron horse Grill, in downtown Jackson, MS., is a real nice restaurant/bar. Upstairs, you’ll find a Blues museum with an impressive collection of blues celebrity waxes to visit while you are waiting for your order. Look up while you’re there to check out a chandelier like you’ve never seen – it’s made of guitars. The Iron Horse is a great stop while you are in town. Come see me there this Thursday evening (March 31, 2016) at 5p.m..

As my children were growing up, we lived 1/4 mile from the Jackson Zoo. The lions roared, monkeys howled and elephants trumpeted a jungle soundtrack to our lives. The folks at the Zoo have done remarkably well over the years maintaining an excellent Zoo. The Jackson Zoo is what I call a one-day zoo, as opposed to the Bronx zoo. You always leave the Bronx Zoo feeling like you should stay a little longer. When you’ve been at the Jackson Zoo for a day, you leave knowing you’ve spent the day in a comfortable zoo and have seen enough of it to go home. I’ll be there 4 pm Friday (April 1, 2016) at their 9th Annual Zoo Blues.

If you’ve never been to Frank Jones Corner, you should. Farish Street was the center of Black culture and business for the first half of the 1900’s. The clubs and concert venues on Farish Street hosted nearly all major black entertainers. 309 Farish Street was home to Trumpet Records. Some big name rockabilly, gospel and blues greats recorded at Trumpet Records – Elmore James and Sonny Boy Williamson are a couple you might recognize. Frank Jones Corner is the next building over – street address 303. FJC carries on the Farish Street tradition of authentic real time blues.

At 10 pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights cars start arriving and at midnite, the music starts. The cover is $10 after midnite, but just $1 if you get there before! It’s not unusual to find the person standing beside you just got back from a tour through Brazil, leaving for Toronto, releasing a new CD, just signed with Alligator records, wrote songs for Bobby Bland, or is fronting the BB King band. At 4 am the band stops playing for the night and goes out back to eat chicken wings, some breakfast, or catfish platter.

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