“I’m taking this weekend off…”

For the past 30 years I’ve followed what I consider my “calling,” being a committed full time musician. I still feel that decision was right. After all, I raised 7 children, got my wife through graduate school, maintained a marriage and I’m still doing it. However, there is a big downside. No paid days off. No gig = no money.  Musicians don’t have family leave, sick days, Christmas bonus and all. And they always need money so they never turn down a decent paying job. 

I remember seeing one of my favorite local singers out and about one day. This weekend I wasn’t playing, but I didn’t think of it as taking the weekend off. I thought of it more as not having a gig. 

I asked, “Man, Where are you giggin this weekend? I’d like to come out and listen to you.”

“I took the weekend off. I’m not playing anywhere.”

“Funny thing. I couldn’t find a gig either!?!?!!”

Well… I’m changing all that. This weekend is my wife (and favorite person), Louise’s  birthday, so we took a train into DC for the weekend!!!

That’s right!!!  

 I’m taking this weekend off!!

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