Small Airports

I’ve been in “Brasil” for two weeks and been in 4 different airports. Rio de Janerio, São Paulo, Port Allegro, and Caxias do Sul. (Just sayin…I grew up 16 miles outside of Meadville Mississippi. A town of 500 people. Rio & São Paulo airports could hold 100 Meadvilles each)

Meadville sign

Now I’m heading back to the US. I’ve had such a good time. I saw so much and met so many neat people. It would take hours to share all the best parts of my trip… So…I’ll philosophize…You guessed it….SMALL AIRPORTS

The movement of world populations seems to be toward Urbanization and impersonalization. And away from the rural, personalized. Don’t get me wrong I love getting to choose one of twelve movies to go to every night, running to Walmart at 2am to buy flip-flops, instant supper on the table in 10 minutes (store to table), 5 music stores within 15 minutes,..but it comes with a price. What price? Yep, you guessed it. “Small local airports”.

One Plane

In Mississippi there were small airports scattered around the state. A flight to Memphis might include a stop in Greenville. While you didn’t have 10 flights a day to choose from, you didn’t have to drive 2 hours and deal with long lines and crazy congestion.

The festival I just played was in Caxias do Sul in extreme Southern Brasil, up in the mountains. My return to US flight was 5 minutes from where I was staying. In contrast to my Rio experience where we drove 3 hours, 2 terminals and countless gates, Caxias airport had only two boarding gates and one plane on the runway. 

Two Door Airport

And I just love walking across a runway.     

REALLY!! Isn’t that what we all want our flying experience to be like?

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